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Thank goodness Dave & Daniel finally opened up their own shop! Whether it is basic maintenance or a major issue, these two master mechanics can diagnose and fix the problem and the best part...they are HONEST and FAIR.....They treat you like family and their service is excellent. Whether it is foreign or domestic, they have the skills needed to take care of your vehicle.

Juston S

When buying an older vehicle you expect more frequent visits to a mechanic and the more visits you have the more money you have to spend, right? You can save the extra trips by having the job done right the first time. EuroTune fixed my fourteen year-old BMW in just a few short hours at a price that was affordable to me. I was very pleased with the customer service and the inviting atmosphere. The mechanic gave me a detailed list of things that needed immediate attention and things that could wait. This in particular is what will make me a life-long customer!

Brandon P.


I am seriously impressed with the level of expertise of EuroTune guys. Just when I thought that my vehicle was a goner they injected a new life into it. They put a new timing chain at really reasonable rates. I am impressed!


These guys demonstrated professionalism while fixing my car. They were not only good to me, but to my BMW too. I couldn’t ask for more. Great job, Daniel!



David was quite friendly. Although all my vehicle needed was a quick oil change, he inspected my car thoroughly to make sure everything else was fine. I trust EuroTune for my repairs. They were really fair and honest and didn't raise the price even though the other shop quoted me much higher.