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ASE Certified Shop

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence EuroTune

The National Institute for Automotive Services Excellence or ASE is an independent authority organization that provides certification to automotive repair and diagnostic shops. ASE was founded in 1972 with the vision to improve the vehicle service and repair industry by certifying automotive repair professionals. Their testing and certifying process are regarded as one of the most reliable authorities. ASE helps protect vehicle owners and standardizes automotive repair services for professionals.

Why does an automotive repair professional need ASE certification?

The main purpose of ASE is to ensure vehicle owners and automotive repair and diagnostics shops have access to the best automotive repair professionals. To gain an ASE certification an automotive repair professional’s needs to demonstrate required technical knowledge in automotive repair. Around 300,000 automotive repair professionals are ASE certified and the certified professionals are equipped with the know-how with all parts of the vehicle service and repair industry.

How can an automotive repair professional get ASE certified?

An automotive repair professional with either a two-year degree in automotive repair or two-year experience with automotive repair qualify for certification. These professionals can go through the testing process and receive an ASE certificate. The ASE test is designed to make the most competent professionals succeed and roughly 66% of automotive repair test takers are ASE certified. Plus, ASE recognizes that the constantly evolving vehicle trends need updated automotive repair professionals. So, automotive repair professionals need to renew their certification every 5 years. To ensure the competence of the ASE certification tests, a panel of seasoned automotive technicians, manufacturers, executives and educators prepare the tests. Once certified, automotive repair professionals are eligible to take recertification tests.

There are sub-categories of specialties within the ASE certificate. The categories include automobiles, medium/heavy trucks, collision repair, busses, etc. There are also a series of tests available to become a Master Technician. So, the certificate is highly specialized and provides vehicle owners and automotive repair shops with the assurance that their repair jobs are being conducted by the most competent professionals available. To begin the certificate process, interested candidates can register and find the nearest testing center. The testing takes places throughout the year so professionals have the flexibility to being certification process at their convenience.

ASE certificate and EuroTune

EuroTune recognizes that a vehicle is an integral part of each vehicle car owners’ life. We are committed to providing the best possible repair and diagnostics services to our customers. In order to maintain our proven track record for excellence, all our professionals are ASE certified. The rigor of the certification process ensures that all our professionals are able and committed to providing the solutions our customers need. EuroTune is dedicated to providing the best possible automotive services to our customers and ASE certification is one of many things we are engaged in to ensure the security of our customers. 

It is important to note that only individuals receive ASE certification and not shops, but a shop filled with ASE certified professionals can be loosely labeled as an ASE certified shop. Given that all our professionals are ASE certified, we pride in having an ASE certified shop. Given that all our professionals are equipped with the technical knowledge required for automobile repair, we are prepared to take on any automobile problem. Just schedule an appointment and let us know how we can help!