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Engine Maintenance and Performance


 Engine Maintenance/Performance

JagMuch like your body needs routine check-ups from time to time, a tune up (or engine performance maintenance check) is a key part of a regular maintenance routine for your vehicle. Your car has three major systems that require regular maintenance: an air intake system, an electrical/ignition system, and a fuel system. A tune up addresses these three systems to ensure proper operation of your car’s engine.

Just like our bodies, cars need clean, filtered, unrestricted air flow. This air aids the engine’s combustion process inside the cylinders. In order to maintain the air intake system of your car, we’ll inspect the condition, can perform a smoke test, and if needed, we’ll install a clean air filter and will clean the throttle body of any carbon deposits and oil residue.

The engine of your car needs electricity to flow through the ignition system in order to properly ignite the air and fuel mixture in the cylinders. We’ll check out the electrical/ignition system of your car, and we can change the ignition module, coil, cap/rotor, spark plug wires, when necessary.

We use German manufactured Blue Chem PowerMax Oil Cleaning System for high performance engine flushes. PowerMax has earned the TUV certification, meaning that it has met the strictest of European regulations for the industry. This product adds longevity to your routine maintenance by reducing both oil and fuel consumption.

Vehicles also require proper fuel pressure. Fuel system maintenance, including professionally-cleaned injectors, optimizes combustion and delivers the right mix of fuel and air inside the cylinder. Our technician will test your vehicle’s fuel system, and clean and replace components as needed.BMW

So, when does your car need a tune up? Recommendations vary between 15,000 up to 100,000 miles depending on the manufacturer.

Here are a few indicators that you might need to have us perform routine maintenance:

  • Your car may become difficult to start, or run rough, stall, hesitate
  • The check engine light comes on while you are driving
  • A noticeable decrease in fuel economy, or black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe


Oil Changes Are Important

Oil Service

Of course, we need to mention the importance of routine oil services as part of your overall vehicle maintenance. Oil not only reduces friction but also provides necessary lubrication and lessens the wear resulting in enhanced performance and prolonged engine life. Whether your vehicle requires regular or synthetic oil, we can take care of it. We now stock Liqui Moly Synthoil High Tech SAE 5W-40. It is a fully synthetic, high-performance, low-friction engine oil designed for year-round use in passenger motor vehicle engines. It provides optimum high-performance for multi-valve and turbocharged engines. The synthetic base oils and high-quality additive components satisfy and greatly exceed the requirements of the most state-of-the-art engine designs. It is also great for cars with extended oil change intervals.

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