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Electric Car Repair

Electric Car Repair Eurotune

Electric cars are increasingly becoming popular among vehicle owners. The increase in supply and demand for electric cars has increased the demand for electric car repairs and electric automotive repair professionals. It is important to understand the make of an electric car before delving into the maintenance and repair requirements.

Difference between electric and traditional cars

Traditional and electric vehicles or EVs are different. Our page on Inspections and Diagnostics provides details on the make of a traditional vehicle. Unlike traditional gasoline or diesel engine vehicle that involved multiple components, an EV has only three major components: motor, battery and internal combustion engine.

The motor is powered by a magnetic charge and is a secondary motion source. Electric motors have been around for a century and the ones used in EVs are sophisticated as they have had the chance to evolve. Since EVs are powered by batteries, all parts that connect the motor with fuel transmission in traditional vehicles are not needed in electric cars. The battery stores the energy that is required to power the vehicle and acts as another secondary power source. Lithium-ion batteries are used in EVs and these are different from the lead-acid batteries used in traditional cars. Electric car batteries are lighter, charge faster and have higher performance. Lastly, the internal combustion engine is the primary source of power in an EV and it powers the battery and motor. These engines are smaller in EVs in comparison to the ones in traditional vehicles and they can also be used to recharge batteries in EVs once the plug-in charge runs out.

There are hybrid cars as well. These balance gasoline and electric engines for cost-effective and efficient vehicles. As a result, hybrids also fall into the electric car space. Our page on Hybrid Car Repair discusses these cars in detail.

In order to incentivize eco-friendly measures, the US government has incentivized the purchase of EVs in the form of tax breaks. With this and the continual increase in gasoline prices, more people are being drawn towards EVs. 

Electric vehicle maintenance

Though China is the largest market for EVs, the US is the third largest consumer of EVs. The total pie of EVs in the automobile industry is still very small and only accounts for less than 1% of automobile sales. This means that automotive repair and diagnostics shops can continue to survive by ignoring EVs. But there are automotive service and repair shops like EuroTune that chose to provide electric car repair services as well.

The difference in the make of an EV paves way for different maintenance needs but it also eliminates the need for certain repair needs like oil change, air fuel filters, etc. Overall there are fewer components that require maintenance and the maintenance of EVs can be up to 70% cheaper than gasoline and diesel engines. As a result, the EV space is growing each year.

EuroTune and electric car repair

EuroTune recognizes that there are various types of cars available in the market. In order to cater to the needs of all types of vehicle owners, our automotive service and repair professionals are trained to address all electric car repair needs. Just schedule an appointment and let us know how we can help!