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Major Engine and Transmission Repairs

Owning a vehicle can be a hassle if you avoid major engine and transmission repairs. The engine and transmission are the power source of the vehicle and any issues with these will alter the performance of your vehicle. Here is a breakdown of major engine and transmission and the repair of these parts.

The role of engines and transmissions

 Engines and transmissions are codependent but different parts of a car. The engine produces the energy required to move the car while the transmission manages this flow of energy. There are different components within an engine that all work together to generate mechanical energy that powers the car to move. The transmission is also known as the gearbox. This uses the energy produced by the engine and manages the transmission of energy through the different gears. When parts of the engine and transmission are not working well are certain indicators that notify car users or drivers about possible issues within the engine or transmission.

Major engine issues

Given that the engine is what powers the car, any issues within this can result in major car performance and safety hazard. There are a few indicators that cannot be ignored. If your automobile stars emitting colored exhaust smoke then this could be a sign of an issue. For example, blue smoke is an indicator of an internal oil leak. Another topic of concern is a sudden decrease in engine performance and fuel efficiency. This could be triggered by a range of things including clogged filters to blown head gaskets. An engine knocking noise, too, is an issue. If engine bearings are failing then this will cause noise under the hood. Lastly, if your engine light lights up on the dashboard then this could be an indicator of some minor or major damage. So, be mindful of the abnormalities in your car and take it for timely diagnosis. Neglecting an engine issue can result in a major engine issue and hassle.

Transmission issues

There are two types of transmissions in vehicles: manual and automatic. There are certain issues that are specific to each type of transmission. The most common manual transmission issues are clutch related. For example, if the clutch pedal is stiff then chances are there is an issue. Another manual transmission problem is an issue with manual transmission. Any issues with the gearbox can result in a manual transmission problem. The other two popular automatic transmission problems are inconsistencies in automatic transmission and fluid flush. A delay in shifting could be triggered by automatic transmission issues. And a fluid flush issue takes place if the fluids for the gears are not inspected regularly. Failure to address transmission issues in time can result in major problems for your car.

Engine and transmission costs

if an engine or transmission problem is minor then the costs involved are minor. But, if the issue is complex then the price of repair goes up. The technical nature of each problem and the time required to fix it increases the repair costs.

Transmission Repair

Major Engine and Transmissions Repair at EuroTune

Engines and transmissions are the most important and technical parts of a vehicle. It is important to be mindful of common engine and transmission issues. But, it is equally important to identify an automotive repair and diagnostics shop that can diagnose and solve your engine and transmission problems. At EuroTune we have experienced hands and minds that can identify and repair all engine and transmission issues. This will ensure that all engine and transmission related problems are nipped in the bud. As a result, EuroTune ensures all customers that bring in their car for diagnostics are happy drivers. Just schedule an appointment and let us know how we can help!