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Vehicle Inspection and Diagnostics

Vehicle Inspection and Diagnostics

Gone are the days when vehicle inspection and diagnostics were conducted with tools and sharp mechanic eyes. With the use of car software and advancement of vehicle programming, vehicle shortlisting during purchase and post-purchase maintenance is about vehicle software inspection and diagnostics. To ensure proper vehicle inspection and diagnostics, it is essential to understand what these terms entail in the automotive world.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Doing your homework before any purchase is important. Particularly with something like a car, a pre-purchase inspection will ensure you get the model and make you want. A pre-purchase inspection is a thorough check-up of a vehicle before purchase and it can be a challenging task without a clear plan of action. Here are a few things to keep in mind while conducting a pre-purchase inspection:

As encouraged by dealerships, take the vehicle for a test drive before making a purchase. During the test drive check for things like brakes, accelerator and steering control. Once this is checked, inspect heating, ventilation and cooling or HVAC, windows, locks, lights, wipers, lights (interior and exterior), belts and tires. Once all these are cleared the final step is to ensure the car mechanics and software are in check. It is important to check the electric control units or ECUs of all things including suspension components (steering, springs, tires etc.). In case of confusion, it is best to consult an automotive repair and diagnostics shop for a comprehensive checklist for a pre-purchase inspection.

Though a pre-purchase inspection is important before any vehicle purchase, it is particularly integral when dealing with previously owned vehicles. This will ensure that there are no missing links before a purchase. Regardless of whether you are purchasing a new or previously owned vehicle a thorough pre-purchase inspection will ensure you have done your homework.     

Computer Diagnostics and Vehicle Repair

With the increase in sophistication of cars, software management has become an integral part of the automotive repair process. For example, if there is an issue with the breaks the dashboard icon that is powered by the automotive software will indicate an issue. This eases the repair process. As a result, understanding of automotive computer diagnostics and timely care is key in ensuring the continued safety of vehicles.

Vehicle Inspection and Diagnostics

On Board Diagnostics-II or OBO-II give an insight into car diagnostics that help diagnose or identify inconsistencies and issues in vehicles.  The OBO-II has a series of codes that notify users with all things atypical. The device can be plugged into specific parts of the vehicle for further investigation. Using this an automotive repair and diagnostics shop can adequately diagnose and repair vehicles.

Electrical System Diagnostics of Automobiles

Before jumping into the electrical system diagnostics, it is crucial to understand a car electrical system. Each car has a battery that powers all parts of the vehicle. The electrical system powers energy across each part of the vehicle. During this process, the car electrical system ensures that current, voltage and resistance of the battery is in check. This is important because if the energy from the battery does not flow in the right direction, it could result in system failure and damage- both of which are not desired outcomes.

An electrical system diagnostics process checks the polarity of energy flow to mitigate any possible short circuits. There are many circuits and wires in an electrical system and each circuit and wire has a specific purpose. Timely diagnostics will help understand and detect any possible issues with the wires and circuits and ensure smooth functioning of all parts within the electrical system.  

Car Diagnostics of Imported Vehicles

Car diagnostics can be a tricky process without the proper know-how. There are many car brands such and some are made and assembled locally while many are imported. Regardless of where they are manufactured cars like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Mini Cooper and Volkswagen are popular picks among car buyers. While the general mechanics of these cars have overlaps the car software is unique to each brand. This means that car diagnostics for each of these brands is unique.

The first step is to understand the software and the next step is to conduct diagnostics accordingly. Then if there is anything detected in the process, there might be a need for part changes. In this case, the best option is to consult an automotive repair and diagnostics shop that is experienced in import car diagnostics. Remember your car is not something you want to compromise on!

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