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Wheel Balancing and Tire Mounting

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Meet: Hunter Road Force Balancer

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With our low tire prices and in-house services, we’re a one-stop shop for all your tire needs. With over five local warehouses to shop from, we offer all major tire brands with same day or next day service.

Tire Balancing

Tires are an investment. One important way to get the most out of that investment is tire balancing. Your vehicle’s tires are first to come into contact with the road. So, maintaining tire balance is a key component to provide a smooth ride and to prevent tire wear. Even the smallest amount of uneven weight distribution (even 1/2 oz.) can cause a vibration large enough to be felt. The uneven tread wear that results can generate excessive heat and wear on your tires. Here at EuroTune, we use the Hunter Road Force Balancer for wheel balancing.  What does this mean for you? Road Force Balancing Technology allows us to simulate road conditions, much like “test driving” your tires. The technology not only balances tires and wheels fast, but also helps us to diagnose and solve ride complaints which we might not find without it. In addition to balancing the tires, other key ways to maximize the life and performance of your tire investment is to have them rotated and to maintain your vehicle’s wheel alignment.

Tire MountingTire Machine-

Our Corghi Master Tire Changer is specifically designed to change low profile, high performance and run-flat types of tires and steel wheels. We can change any passenger or light truck tire assembly from 12″ to 26″ and up to 18″ wide.   Contact Us