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As the largest car retailer for previously owned vehicles in the US, Carmax sells more used cars each year than any other car retailer. Any car, brand new or previously owned, needs repair. So, when Carmax sell their cars, they also have a service plan option. Each Carmax car comes with a 30-day warranty, but, this period can be extended with Maxcare service plans. This way your car is covered beyond the 30 day period.

What does Maxcare cover?

Maxcare covers all parts of the vehicle including accessories purchased at Carmax. The plan is affordable and has fair and friendly payment options. Once under the plan, customers can avail vehicle repair, roadside assistance, nationwide protection in the US and Canada and toll-free assistance. While there are many other things covered under Maxcare, these are the areas that have increased demand.

The toll-free assistance, in particular, is designed to direct Carmax and Maxcare owners with access to the nearest authorized repair shop. EuroTune is among the trusted Carmax repair shops.

Things that are not covered under Maxcare

While Maxcare covers many things, there are a few things that are not covered under this plan. If there are any additional accessories purchased after the vehicle purchase date, then this is not covered under Maxcare. The maintenance of batteries, wiper blades, trim and wheels are not included. Maxcare is not liable for breakdowns caused by overuse or abuse of vehicles. Lastly, specialized roadside services like emergency flat tire assistance do not include tire replacement costs and emergency fuel delivery assistance does not include fuel costs. But, EuroTune has the expertise to address all these issues as well.

Carmax and EuroTune

Given that Carmax is the largest retailer of previously owned vehicles in the US, people under Maxcare are among the largest group of car owners that need access to repair services. Though the sales at Carmax is continually growing with its reputation for a thorough inspection before all car sales, an unexpected problem can come up for any car. The issues can range from minor repairs to major concerns. Regardless of the nature of the problem, any hiccup with a car must not be left unaddressed.

The Maxcare toll-free assistance ensures all concerns are taken care of and directed to relevant authorized repair centers. EuroTune is among a reliable group of automotive repair and diagnostics shops that Carmax has trusted. This means that EuroTune also acts as a Carmax overflow shop. We at EuroTune take in work on behalf of Carmax and Maxcare when their auto repair shop is full. Our proven track record of excellence also includes happy Carmax customers. Just schedule an appointment and let us know how we can help!