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Hybrid Car Repair

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Hybrid car sales are on the rise, this means that the demand for hybrid car repair is also on the rise. The make of hybrid cars is usually a combination of a gasoline and electric component. This means that an automotive repair professional that is equipped with the knowledge of both gasoline and electric engines are suitable for hybrid car repairs.

How are hybrid cars built?

Electric cars are no longer an alien concept and gasoline engines have been synonymous with the automotive industry for decades. Hybrid cars in particular leverage the electrical component to maximize gas mileage in cars. This means that they are a cost-effective and environment-friendly vehicle choice. While the basic definition of a hybrid car is the combination of gasoline and electric engine, the level of the electric component used varies. So, there is a spectrum of hybrid cars and not all hybrid cars are built equally.

Electric engines are great for acceleration but not so great for long distance drives. Building powerful electric engines that are suitable for long distance drives can be cumbersome and expensive. So, vehicle companies developed the concept of hybrids to optimize the electric engines and minimize the use of gasoline engines. In some hybrid makes, the dual engine system allows vehicles to operate with the electric engine at lower speeds and it switches to the gasoline engine as needed. The fact that hybrids need a dual engine make increases the costs of the vehicle.

What are the types of hybrids available?

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There are four types of hybrids in the market. The first one, parallel and series hybrids are used by brands like BMW and Chevrolet. These hybrids use a parallel design which enables both electric and gasoline engines to independently drive the car. The series component enables the electric engine to operate the wheels while the mechanical energy is generated by the gasoline engine. Secondly, micro and mild hybrids are not available in the North American market yet, but it is in the process of being rolled out. These cars use 48-volt batteries to power vehicles like full hybrids at a fraction of the cost. So, this technology has a lot of room for growth. Thirdly, plug-in hybrids, are designed to be plugged in and operate for 10 to 35 miles with electricity. Once this range is covered the car switches to hybrid series function. Lastly, full hybrids or the most commonly understood hybrids are used by Toyota, Ford, Hyundai and General Motors. These models run on electricity at lower speeds until it runs out and switch to gasoline engines.

Hybrid maintenance

Though hybrids are eco-friendly, the complexities of their engines make them pricier in comparison to exclusively gasoline or diesel engine vehicles. Given the higher upfront cost, the cost of maintenance is a genuine concern for prospective buyers.

All hybrid vehicles have an engine, drive wheel and battery component. Full hybrid options are known for being low-maintenance. But, given the spectrum of hybrid cars, the need for maintenance also varies. However, the general consensus is that a hybrid car maintenance schedule is no different from other cars. In fact, maintenance costs might be lower. 

EuroTune and hybrid car repair

The automotive repair professionals at EuroTune are skilled with the knowledge of hybrid car makes and needs. Our technicians will be more than happy to inspect and provide needed solutions to any hybrid car. Just schedule an appointment and let us know how we can help!